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Recommended protocol for Cancer:
Protocol 2000 and Protocol 3000, Bath protocol, Bag protocol, Enema protocol, Inhalation protocol (use no more than 2 drops of activated MMS and breathe gently.)

Cancer tests:

Cancer stage 1-3:

Life threatening:


Throat Cancer [Posted : 11-18-2013]

Edema-Burn-Diabetes-Throat Cancer [Posted : 10-22-2013]

I brought my friend with Diabetes over and treated him every hour for 5 or 6 hours because his blood sugar was close to 500. Treating him brought his blood sugar down to 91 in those short hours. FACT!

I had a bad case of Edema on my legs and thought I had a blood clot. I treated myself with Protocol 1000 and within a few days - my legs were back to normal. No pitting, swelling, etc.

I treated another person with 3rd degree burns on his leg from a dirt bike burn on top of another burn. Within a few days, it was completely scabbed over and healed a month ahead of time.

Treating a guy with throat cancer. His blood count is back up, gained a little weight, and his doctor said whatever he is doing to keep doing it because it is working.

Thanks Jim Humble! You ROCK!!!

UPDATE: The guy with throat cancer contacted me today in the office and he has been completely cured of his throat cancer. I'm so excited for him and the fact that it just makes people better. It is unbelievable what this simple solution has done to so many people that has been treated. If I could give you the world Jim, I certainly would. It makes a person feel very good to do something amazing like this for someone else.

PS. Jim, I'm also emailing you an important topic you may be interested in hearing if you haven't heard it by now. Talk to you soon!

Christie Peterson


Tumor de esternón [Posted : 11-18-2013]

Hola soy Josep y estoy colaborando en el foro en español. Descubrí el MMS por casualidad hace un año, gracias a un video de Andreas Kalcker por internet. Mi madre tenía un cáncer de esternón no operable y después de 2 meses de quimioterapia y radio, el tumor no habia reducido. Empezó a tomar 5 ml de CDS (3000ppm) y subía 5 ml/dia hasta llegar hasta 100ml/dia en 10 dosis con algo de zumo. Nuestra sorpresa fué mayúscula pues todos esperábamos otro ciclo de quimioterapia y radio. El resultado fué que el tumor estaba seco y reducido a la mitad. Estábamos todos muy contentos. Mi madre habia tenido tres cánceres hacia 10 años. Sabiendo después, que la mayoria de nuestras enfermedades tiene un origen parasitario (la mayoria microscópicos) hizo una limpieza de parásitos con pamoato de pirantel (Trilombrín, Combatrin) y mebendazol (Lomper, Ovex, Vermox) siguiendo el protocolo de desparasitación ideado por Kalcker; quiero añadir que con este protocolo hay más de 100 niños recuperados de autismo.

Saludos cordales,



miracle [Posted : 11-17-2013]

started using MMS this year personally (health maintenance, etc)


Have cured 3 dogs (all terminal), first had lymphoma was hours away from death, 1 drop of MMS revived her ( a miracle), second dog had lung cancer, cured her.... third dog had liver failure.... cured her...

also recommended MMS to a friend with fibromyalgia, he was disabled, no longer... he is now better and healthy


Thank God for MMS







Prostate cancer [Posted : 11-12-2013]

Hello, I am a 72 year old male who was diagnosed with prostate cancer last Aug,1012 by biopsy in Costa Rica. Dr there wanted to remove the prostate, I declined. When I returned to home in USA Dr. here wanted to start radiation treatment which I again declined, planning to do herbal treatment and to spend winter in another part of USA. Dr said okay we can wait and see ( watchful waiting). My Psa leve was 10.2 in Aug, I had it rechecked in Oct. it was 9.8 It seemed to be going in the right direction with herbs. Dr in Costa Rick prescribed Proscar and Dr in USA prescribed Flomax which I took until January 2013.

I contacted a Dr in Springfiled Mo. who wanted the slides from Costa Rica. When I got them and took them to him he said they were not good enough to determine if i in fact had Prostate Cancer. I submitted to another biopsy,(not fun) results came back still cancer there altho on the Gerson scale it had dropped from total of 6 to 5. He wanted to remove prostate I again said not yet I want to do some herbal things to try and defeat the cancer.  He said okay it is your life but it won't help, but he agreed to watchful waiting again.

I was informed about MMS in January and had some difficulty finding a source of supply. I first ordered from Canada and after more than two weeks I had not recieved order.  It seems it was held up in customs.  I searched further and found a USA source and ordered MMS from them, ln less than a week I received both orders.  I began the MMS1 on the old protocol of one drop activated first hour then upped it one drop per hour until at eventime I was up to 9 drops, I had not experienced any problem. Next morning I took 10 drops, waited 30 min. to eat breakfast, then 30 min. later took 11 drops.  In very short time I could not get to bathroom fast enough, I upchucked everything I had eaten and had diahrea. I had to drop back to 4 drops to keep from having diahrea.

After the first week I added the MMS2 every other hour for the 10 hrs., starting with 1/4 capsule for one day then 1/2 for next day then third day one full 00 capsule.  I was able to ramp up the MMS1 to 8 drops per hour for 10 hours/day. I continued the treatment for full 6 weeks, after returning home from Missouri I had blood drawn and sent to lab for analysis and it came back normal ( cancer free). I have had PSA test done in July 2013 and it was 8.4 which is going in right direction.  I have much better urine flow than before and less nighttime trips to bathroom. After I had been on MMS for two weeks I dropped off the Flomax and have not had a return of difficulty in urinating. 

I had also been of HBP medication for about 16 years to control blood pressure.  I have been off this medication for over two month and pressure is normal ( 120/62 pulse 64. I am currently on no prescription medication and feel as long as I have MMS I will no longer be dependent on pharmaceutical drugs.
I cannot thank my son, God and Jim Humble ehough for making me aware of the availability of MMS in its different forms, I am in process of making the CDS solution, I understand it has a better tast and is as effective if not moreso than MMS1.
If you have health issues you owe it to yourself to try MMS in its different forms according to recommended protocols.
Truman McKillip

Prostate Cancer [Posted : 10-24-2013]


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Here is something that one of forum members (Pebble) posted on his facebook:

Cancer! It’s a frightening word. Not really frightening if you don’t have it or don’t think you could ever contract it, but for those of us who have contracted it...well that’s a different story. What is most frightening is the unknown. The future. Will I die from this? Will it be painful? How long do I have? What about my family? How will they cope? Am I spiritually ready to go? Could I have done something differently to prevent this? What about the bills? Why the conflicting medical opinions? etc etc.

I’ve been fighting prostate cancer for around three years now. When you get a diagnosis you immediately feel apprehensive. Your heart rate goes up. You feel bewildered and immediately ask your doctor for a solution. Options are given and you place yourself in the expert’s hands, trusting that all will be well.

In my case two expensive treatments called HIFU (High Intensity Frequency Ultrasound) failed to kill the cancer. I apparently fell into a 7% failure category based upon tissue density. Of course this potentiality wasn’t shared with me in advance. Only success stories were shared and I was assured all would be well. When HIFU failed for the second time the doctor decided a “wait and see” option was the best. Translation; “I don’t have any other options for killing the cancer so lets just try and stop its progression and try different things as time passes.”

I’m one that feels a need to do research beyond what I’m told. This led me to explore the world of natural healing. I’ve heard of celebrities who followed this path and who all ended up dead, so initially I wasn’t very hopeful that I would find any solution. Hope? Perhaps. Solution? Probably not. Nevertheless, when your life is in the balance no research is too much. It’s the survival genes kicking in.

Suddenly I found myself empathizing greatly with others going through cancer or illness or facing death. I knew now what facing my own mortality was like. I knew what it’s like to awaken at 3 am in the darkness with swirling thoughts of, worry and apprehension. It drives away the drowsiness. It awakens your need to pray, to plead and to surrender to God. Eventually you sleep but not without a struggle. It usually happens after your’ve begun praying for others who are sick and may need prayers more than you do.

One of the successful gurus for natural healing is a man by the name of Jim Humble. jimhumble.org/basic-science-of-mms-chlorine-dioxide.html He has had remarkable success in curing a multitude of diseases and one of them is cancer. So I began using his instructions but soon realized that I was doing something which completely nullified the protocols I was using. I needed guidance. I ultimately flew to Bulgaria this April where Mary and Doug Jewell have established a wildly successful healing clinic and which uses Humble’s protocols as well as some of their own. Mary had herself, been a stage 4 cancer victim until Doug began using chlorine dioxide protocols on her and completely cured her! That was 12 years ago. Since then they have healed hundreds of people with various diseases which modern traditional medicine has no adequate answer for.

I stayed at their mountain lodge/clinic for 3 weeks and watched others being treated as I went through the detox protocols myself. Baths, pills, patches, good nutrition and rest make for very busy days. When I left my new friends, I was armed with plenty of healing solutions. For 6 months I have been diligent with the protocols. At the end of each month I took a PSA blood test which is a general indicator of cancer markers but which has also garnered a lot of pro-con discussions in the medical community as to their efficacy or accuracy.

I hate having to call in to get my PSA test results because I’ve never had a positive report. Each month the scores have worsened and my apprehension increased. I received prayer and support from family, friends and a childhood friend going through lung cancer treatment. Others simply felt I should drop this wild goose chase and return to the sane world of modern medicine. Calmness and apprehension were cyclical but I determined that my best chances for being cured were with natural medicine. Most recommended medicines are designed to hold off cancer progression for awhile. The final resort is the chemo and radiation route and the statistics are pretty dismal and so are the side effects. Alternatively the Bulgaria Natural Health Restoration Center mothernatureandyou.com/index.php/free-treatment has an amazing 90% success rate with patients who have not had chemo and radiation! With those odds I knew I had to stick with it.

Each time my PSA results came in I would immediately Skype Doug and Mary for counsel. Finally, they decided that things were just not adding up as cancer cannot stand up to their protocols. They asked me to obtain two different tests which would give them a more accurate picture of what was happening in my body. I emailed the results to them and within a half hour I got a call from them via Skype. They asked me to look at the normal range for both tests and to tell them what my scores were. The one test averages are 0.0 to 15.5 and I did NOT want to be above 15! “Take a look at where you are”, Mary said. I was at a 1.0! At the very lowest end. The second test was split in two parts. The normal range is 348 - 1197 and I was at 453! The next score’s average was 6.6 -18.1 and my score was 8.7! All scores show I am at the very low end of normal!

Then Mary gave me the best news I’ve heard in a long long time. YOU ARE CANCER FREE! What an amazing gift! Immediate thanks to God are due. A huge hug for Doug and Mary who now are life friends. Big thanks to all of you who have followed me in the journey and have prayed for me. That meant a lot to me and I won’t forget it! I don’t quite know how I feel now. Maybe it hasn’t really sunk in yet. Actually, maybe it has. When I woke up last night I didn’t toss and turn. I just smiled, said thank you, and went back to sleep.

Glenda [Posted : 10-07-2013]

Hi.  Four years ago, I was diagnosed with Endometrial Cancer which had infiltrated the muscle of my uterus. The infiltration was the scariest part because once the cancer does this, is when and how it spreads. I hit the internet to do my own research because I definitely didn't believe in the medical model regarding cancer.  I found some very interesting information about aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and viruses and about Oxygen.  And then I found MMS.  The science behind MMS seemed sound, and so I ordered some.  About a month later I had surgery where there removed my uterus, and other reproductive structures.

I don't have a crystal ball about what happened in my body after I took MMS for two weeks, but I'm still here today.  One thing that was visibly apparent was that for about fifteen years I'd had a wart on the palm of my right hand.  And after the MMS, it had disappeared.  Do I credit MMS for curing me of cancer?  The jury is still out, but now I have a wart on my foot, and I'm ordering more MMS because I think this wart is a warning.  And I feel way better about trying MMS than chemotherapy in my future.  


Testimony [Posted : 09-17-2013]

I have my own testimony for the treatment of lung cancer. I have my own medical diagnosis "Inter DiaCor". Having problems with sweating, dry cough, fatigue, nervousness, severe pain in the middle of the back, hard to sleep and pain when lying on the left side. I decided to do a complete analysis of the organism. I found a great contamination of bacteria and viruses in each lung, but really on the left. Also was weak and small alveolar gas exchange. Urgent I started using MMS protocol 1000. Kontrol analysis I have worked for 15 days and the result was 50% less microorganism, still I spent MMS. I've done the analysis for 30 days and the result was 100% clean lungs. I continued to drink MMS for 20 days due to parasites in the cerebral cortex, the brain, and by the end I was able to repair all the problems in 52 days. Initially, the viral load was 86.1%, and finally 4.6%. I have all the images of such evidence for other people or seminars. Health resort I have other patients with bone cancer, severe toxemia, depression and the like. The success was great for 30 days. This is truly amazing!


Bozidar Tezak


August 2013 Update on Ronnie's Prostate Cancer [Posted : 08-14-2013]

UPDATE ON RONNIE’S LATEST VISIT TO DOCTORS (8/1/2013) Ronnie’s last checkup to the doctor who had given him the biopsy for prostate cancer in Oct. of 2012 which showed he did have prostate cancer, and that his Gleason test showed he was seven in the growing stage of from 1 to 10. The only way to find out what the numbers are for this test would be another biopsy. Even the doctor admitted that could be very damaging and unnecessary. After discovering the web site of Jim Humble and taking the mineral MMS (Master Mineral Substance) within two months Ronnie was totally healed of any previous symptoms of cancer. He has visited two cancer treating doctors, twice in Florida and twice in Indiana; neither can find any trace of prostate cancer. Ronnie’s first P.S.A. test was ten point six, now it is down to one point eight. However, he has not gone through this without suffering, at the hands of his practicing physicians. For the sake of time and space; there is a full article on our web page (foust.info) telling how Ronnie’s doctor’s reaction to the latest test results and their advise. To go to the web page, after entering foust.info in your search engine, click on “List of Studies” and look for any article title with Ronnie’s name in it. You may also want to browse around in some of the other studies and/or the 18 chapters of “Novel” about the life of Yeshua (Jesus).
Rhoda & Ron Foust


melanoma [Posted : 07-25-2013]

To Whom it may concern,

I have been using MMS for the last 5 years with great success including watching skin cancers disapear within 6 days of spraying 6 times a day.

Thank you Jim Humble,

   Keith Pace


Keith Pace

skin cancer [Posted : 07-24-2013]

My friend had a mole on her leg that kept scabing,the doctor thought it might be cancer so cut a huge chunk off her leg out to remove it, which was painful and unsightly. I realised I had a similar mole so thought I would try mms. I also had a 'suspicious' tiny raised lump on my cheek which m doctor was ' keeping and eye on'. Hving taken mms for various complaints for about 5 years, and never having an illness because of it, I thought I would use the 20 activated drops method. I mixed it up, kept the mms covered, and applied it about once and hour.  I also put it on a sunspot I was about to get lasered off. To my surprise within a day the sunspot had faded,the tiny lump on my cheek had scabed and I picked it off, and the mole on my leg has faded. There is no scar.! Have I got the root of these out aswell? I do not know. I will mix up a second mms, 20 drops again, and use that for a few more days and see what happens.I will give an update in a couple of weeks. I get so frustrated telingl people how wonderful it is, but they would still rathr go the doctors way!!!


Prostate Cancer Healed in Three Months [Posted : 06-19-2013]

To Jim Humble's group:

About ten months ago Ronnie was diagnosed with Gleason scale 7 Prostate Cancer. This is a fast growing number. His PSA number was 11.6. He was told if he didn't take drastic action he had, at the most, five years to live. He decided not to make a decision at that time but did take a 6 month harmon therapy shot. We found Jim on the internet a month later. What has happened next is on our web site "www.foust.info", along with Jim's News Letter "Malaria Overcome". We have been telling everyone about the results of  MMs. We also put info on my

"Face Book.com/Rhoda Foust".  Ronny is now cancer free and his PSA is down to 1.2 Our family and friends are so impressed some are buying your book and even buying some for friends. One doctor told him, after it had already worked, that it would never work. Another Dr. wanted to see the book and even wrote down where to send for it. To read the results of how MMs aided in Ronnie's cure go to "www.foust.info" and click on "List of Studies" and select "Ronnie's Prostate Cancer Ordeal". To read Jim's news Letter select "God's Answer to Ronnie -Cancer Free" I have invited everyone on face book to go there and read it. Many have.

We thank God He sent us to Jim!!  Thank you all, and Jim, for dedicating your life and talent for healing so many dying people.

Rhoda and Ronald Foust






Rhoda & Ron Foust


Mr [Posted : 05-30-2013]

Terminal Liver cancer HCC.

I was diagnosed with the above and told I had 6 months to live and go home and die. I am male 77yrs old look well, feel well, and am well thanks mainly to MMS1. the diagognoses was in 2010!!!!!

I recently had an Xray only to be told I now have Lung Cancer, no panic because it is from the same people who told me I had on ly 6  months to live, nearly 3 yrs ago.

So I am now starting a new protocol to resolve the lung cancer challenge I am now seeking advice for the best protocol to use?


Colin Nutton

Melanoma success [Posted : 04-13-2013]

These following E mails are from a 65 year old gentleman  that was sent home to get his arrairs in order as he did not have much time left. I started him on MMS #1 & # 2 as well as other protocols, On his own he went to a natrualpath for some additional protocols that included mistletoe, Vit. C IV and another for a while. He did not ;mis the MMS with the Vit C but waited several hrs before going back on MMS. These reports are after 7 months. On my protocols he has lost 50 lbs, now walks 5 km per day, exercises at a gym 3 days for up to 2 hrs. Goes to work three days a week and claims life is great. 

PS: My Naturopath had me retest my blood using a German procedure "Circulating Tumor Cells" (laser scanning-microfluorimetry of the epithelial cell antigen); I ship the blood there. The results read "over a period of 6 months we can see stable cell numbers at a low cell level". GOOD NEWS.



March 26/13 appointment with oncologist. I told him everything was similar to 2, 4 and 6 months ago: no change and I feel fine, have no pain, no energy problems etc. He said since the Feb 12/13 consult, the clinical trials have changed and are not ready yet; if I wanted to do anything now the standard/traditional chemo treatment for melanoma (used for last 50+ years with serious side effects) was available. I said since I feel good I don’t want to do chemo, to which he said his recommendation would be not do any treatments right now as well. He said we should meet again in 2 months when they would know a lot more about the clinical trials for drugs which have shown 50% improvement over previous trials and have very low toxicity. I said then we should also look at more images at that time and do blood work to see what has changed. He agreed and would schedule a scan (neck to pelvis) and blood work for that time. He examined the 2 areas where my tumors were previously felt – in the right arm pit and left chest/arm pit. He said he could not feel any increase in size in the larger one in the right arm pit, although another Dr. said it had growth between last Oct and Dec/12. However, he could not find/feel the one in the left chest/arm pit area; and yet 2 other Drs. said it was shown on the fall/12 scans and the one Dr. said he felt it on Dec/12.


Bishop Royce Hamer

Alive and Kicking [Posted : 04-08-2013]

Hi Everyone,this is my first writing. I am 34 with a  young family loving husband. I was diagnosed with 4th stage colon metastasized 2 days before christmas. this  year. wow... what a surprise... we have been using MMS to help native tribes in Asia for over ten years so we were familiar with the benefits but when the cancer comes to your front door it is definitely a surprise. So we began with mms 1 6 drops every hr and then added mms2 the 3rd week every two hours. since my lungs and liver has been affected im breathing 1 drop three times a day. i am also doing the enemas each evening. i am trying to add all the protocols as i am able. I have been able to take up to 50 drops of mms 1 each day and mms 2 5 times a day. I was given a few  months to live and no cure. as soon as i took the mms i started feeling better.  I opted against taking chemo and radiation although they did operate and take out my female organs. which i wish i had not done but cant look back. my one problem is with losing too much weight. if anyone out there has a suggestion for weight gain aside from sugar (which feeds cancer) let me know!  I am alive and kicking and would like any encouragment from anyone out there that has survived what i am going thru. thanks Bless you all with all your health issues as mms is our my daily miracle... so far so good  will keep  you posted... katherine


Sent home to die. [Posted : 03-31-2013]

Bishop Royce Hamer reporting on latest cancer case: Grampa I will call him came to me via recomendation when he was diagnosed with melanoa through out his body, it was found after a tumor was removed from behind one of his eyes and found to be cancer. After a lengthy consultarion I started him on MMS #1 and MMS #2 as well as some other protocols. Besides my teachings he also used the services of a natural path. Here is his last report after about 6 months. My total cost to him was $350.00 mostly in supplies including 2 batches of MMS and the Natural Path that performed vit C IV and Mistletoe IV plus another IV protocol was in excess of $ 30,000.00

March 5/12 head MRI schedule by the eye surgeon showed no issues.
March 26/13 appointment with oncologist. I told him everything was similar to 2, 4 and 6 months ago: no change and I feel fine, have no pain, no energy problems etc. He said since the Feb 12/13 consult, the clinical trials have changed and are not ready yet; if I wanted to do anything now the standard/traditional chemo treatment for melanoma (used for last 50+ years with serious side effects) was available. I said since I feel good I don’t want to do chemo, to which he said his recommendation would be not do any treatments right now as well. He said we should meet again in 2 months when they would know a lot more about the clinical trials for drugs which have shown 50% improvement over previous trials and have very low toxicity. I said then we should also look at more images at that time and do blood work to see what has changed. He agreed and would schedule a scan (neck to pelvis) and blood work for that time. He examined the 2 areas where my tumors were previously felt – in the right arm pit and left chest/arm pit. He said he could not feel any increase in size in the larger one in the right arm pit, although another Dr. said it had growth between last Oct and Dec/12. However, he could not find/feel the one in the left chest/arm pit area; and yet 2 other Drs. said it was shown on the fall/12 scans and the one Dr. said he felt it on Dec/12.
This is all good news as far as I am concerned.
I am still doing great and looking forward to the long weekend.
Have a Good Easter.
Bishop Royce hamer

Helped cancer  [Posted : 02-21-2013]

MMS is an amazing find in positive health with so many additives bieng added to foods nowadays we live in worrying times and in a world filled with disease

I decided to try MMS initially as a way of killoing pathogens that were present in my throat I had been dogged with pain and was finding it difficult to swallow I was not prepared however for the speed at which this would occur I took only three drops initially and within seconds of swallowing it could actually feel it working at the back of my gullet My sore throat vanished within seconds and i was totally left thunderstruck at how well i felt 

A few weeks later we were dealt devasting news about a family member She was diagnosed with lung cancer and was told it was terminal and had only months left to live. I mentioned to her about how my experience with MMS had cured the pathogens in my throat and she asked me to get her some 

We started her off with a few drops hourly gradually increasing her to 8 every hr 

She continued to do this protocal for the ongoing weeks till her next scan at the oncology department which she went for in the middle of December.  Expecting to be told the worst the oncologist was surprised to inform her that not only had it shrunk by 3 cm but the area that was damaged was healing

Flabbergasted at this news she contunes to take MMS daily and is making a speddy recovery MMS is wonderful and i can only speak highly of it There have never been any adverse side affects since beginning it and i continue to keep in good health with it as does my family member 

She looks and feels amazing and is convinced that MMS has been a major factor in keeping her body alkaline enough to remain healthy Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the knowledge and insight into MMS The whole planet needs to be taking this and i sincerly hope this occurs 

Thank you for your wonderful cure 

Linn Garden 





Linn Garden

Prostate [Posted : 02-16-2013]

I  have been taking MMS for a few years and still have symtoms and PSI of around 14. I am taking 6 drops twice a day and still it stays the same. This is not a good testimony but it was the best place I could find to send this.


Genesis II Church note:
Recommended protocol for Prostate cancer:

It involves a lot more than simply taking 6 drops twice a day.

For support, go to g2cforum.org

Marvin Miles

Cancer de Pulmon Metástasis a columna t10 y l1 [Posted : 01-17-2013]

Mi esposa (ABOGADA) MARÍA del PILAR Velez Cortes diagnosticada con cáncer de pulmón… LOBECTOMÍA SUPERIOR IZQUIERDA ( le sacaron el lóbulo superior izquierdo)…los oncologos propusieron quimioterapia (les pregunte sobre la garantía y eficacia de la quimio… la respuesta fue: NO HAY GARANTÍA… LA MEDICINA ES UNA CIENCIA INEXACTA…. LAS PROBABILIDADES SON DE 5%… sobre los efectos secundarios les pregunte y respondieron… TODOS LOS EFECTOS SECUNDARIOS… basándose ella en la relación eficacia vs efectos secundarios… decidió no quimio ni radioterapia… 1 año después… le diagnostican Metástasis a columna t10 y l1… le dieron los especialistas en oncologia de 12 a 24 meses de vida si se hacia la quimioterapia… ella decidió iniciar con la quimioterapia… le hicieron examen biopsia de marcadores biológicos… mutación en gen 19 y 21… quimioterapia vía oral enviada IRESA (laboratorio ASTRAZENECA) o TARSEVA (Laboratorio ROCHE).. efectos secundarios severos.. alta probabilidad de morir, aun así ella acepto iniciar… pasados unos meses al ver ella el deterioro tan terrible (efectos secundarios) y sin sensación de mejoría(aunque los médicos no prometían Nada) ella le pregunto al director del instituto de oncologia que que % de eficacia tenia IRESA a lo que el respondió: 3% a 5% y de 12 a 24 meses de vida..!!!!!?????!!!!????… escuche de MMS en Cali Colombia… y vi las conferencias de YOUTUBE de Andreas… lo contacte… y EN LA NOCHE OSCURA INFINITA QUE MI ESPOSA Y YO ESTÁBAMOS VIVIENDO:: SOLO EL… ANDREAS…NOS ESCUCHO:: NOS ATENDIÓ… NO NOS COBRO NI UN PESO.. Y NOS ANIMO A CONTINUAR.. YO CESAR AUGUSTO VALENCIA ALZATE desde COLOMBIA numero de teléfono celular móvil 3148860619, dirijo esta Petición al Ministerio de Sanidad y Conselleria de Salut de Catalunya: Les SOLICITO Retirar los cargos contra Andreas Kalcker… POR QUE Hemos aprendido las formas de aplicar el MMS sin riesgo y HOY mi esposa esta y se siente MUCHO MEJOR… aprendimos de ANDREAS la importancia de la desparasitacion…y así es .. en los coprologicos enviados a los laboratorios NO SALIA NADA.. pero perseveramos e insistimos y así fue… tal como decía ANDREAS… le encontraron AMIBAS en cantidades INCREÍBLES… pero fue porque Andreas nos decía que era importante perseverar con las muestras de laboratorio… HOY mi esposa VIVE… ya llevamos tomando el MMS, SDC.. varios meses… mi esposa siente cura y mejoría (espiritual y física) de esta enfermedad grave, que la ciencia médica no PUEDE resolver… REITERO que la RESPONSABILIDAD DEL USO DEL MMS, SDC, o de cualquier quimioterapia, ES SOLO DE MI ESPOSA Y YO LA APOYO.. agradezco a TODOS los impulsores del conocimiento sobre usos medicinales del MMS (Dióxido de Cloro). Agradezco el divulgar las formas de aplicar el MMS sin riesgo y poder curar o mejorar enfermedades graves…El cáncer NO DEBE SEGUIR SIENDO MUY RENTABLE para algunos… Esta FIRMA mía es para pedir EN ARMONÍA PARA TODOS LOS SERES, BAJO LA GRACIA DIVINA, DE MANERA PERFECTA y DE ACUERDO A LA VOLUNTAD DIVINA, que la Administración retire los cargos contra Andreas Kalcker y legalice y estudie a fondo las aplicaciones medicinales del Dióxido de Cloro (MMS)… BENDICIONES A TODOS LOS SERES… y a ANDREAS… INFINITAS GRACIAS.. POR LAS HORAS QUE DEDICO A MI ESPOSA ( ella en medio de la desesperanza, tristeza, incapacidad e impotencia) AUN CUANDO TODA LA CIENCIA MEDICA DIJO QUE YA NO HABÍA NADA POR HACER… ANDREAS NOS APOYO… DESDE COLOMBIA… ARMENIA.. AQUÍ … AHORA..y SIEMPRE.. TE APOYAMOS.. ATT.. Mi esposa MARÍA del PILAR y CESAR AUGUSTO…. PD: EN CASO DE QUE DECIDAN ALGO EN CONTRA DE ANDREAS… ME OFREZCO para que recaiga sobre mi y no sobre el cualquier castigo HUMANO… con esto les conFIRMO hasta donde ha llegado el apoyo de SALUD y VIDA y la oportunidad de LIBERTAD de la enfermedad.. gracias a DIOS por que ha llegado a la vida de mi esposa y mía ese SER llamado ANDREAS KALCKER……………… BENDICIÓN INFINITA para el y su familia….. GRACIAS


A living miracle !!! [Posted : 01-09-2013]

Dear Mr. Jim Humble,


My name is Idaly Giraldo, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in november/2011, the oncologist said that I needed to be operated as soon as posible because the cancer was very advanced (stage 3). The surgery took place in december 15/2011, I had ascites (presence of fluid in the peritoneal cavity) and pleural effussion, because of that I couldn`t breathe and I was conneted to a breathing machine.

I was in and out of the hospital several times but my health did not improve at all, I couldn`t breathe, I couldn`t eat, I couldn`t sleep, I couldn`t walk, I couldn`t talk  and I was losing weight  so dramatically,  I was deteriorating so quickly before the eyes of my entire family that did not know what else they could do for me and of course they were already expecting the worse, the doctors said, I had only 3 months to live.

The last time I went out the hospital was in february 13/2012, the doctors sent me home with a prescription of 8 medicaments including morphine, my  weight  was already 35 kilos and I was so weak that I couldn`t hold myself even for one second.

Some day my sister came home with the MMS and she said that it was a miracle mineral supplement , that we should try everything possible to save my life  and she said please take it, my first reation was a denial because I was in the middle of a weakness so terrible that I thought I would not be able to withstand  the possible side effects such as vomiting and diarrhea of which she had told me and  I began  to cry; my family kept insisting that it was our last chance and That I must try it.

I finally summoned up the courage and faith that I needed and I started to take the MMS to my  surprise I did`n have any of the side effects, therefore I felt I should continue take it even more determined  , I must confess that I started to feel  the benefits of  MMS from day number one because not only it did not produce any adverse reaction but  I started to feel an incredible appetite, after the first day I was already asking for food, since then everything has been a wonderful process, the following week I was taking my first steps, then I got rid of the oxigen tank.

When I felt my body was renewed every day more and more I said to myself : now, I must get rid of these medicaments because I did not longer  have any pain and I wanted to dedicate to take this wonderful supplement that I felt  brought so many benefits to my life. I started gaining weight and 20 days later I went out and wanted to do things by myself.

Nowadays my life is back to normal, I have my normal  weight  which is 57 kilos, my last appointment with the oncologist was in november 20/2012 and all my test came out perfectly normal.

All those that saw me totally consumed by the disease are surprised when they see me and they say : that I am a living miracle !!!

I should clarify that my treatment with MMS was complement by a cycle of 6 chemotherapies, but as the doctor said I don't need more.

I am very grateful to God for this wonderful miracle and  allowing me to get back to life, he is the one who puts  these resources in our way to be used with great discipline and great faith.

I hope that this testimony will be helpful to many people around the world suffering from these terrible diseases that scourge mankind, I read a lot about this product and I have been   participating in many internet forumst with people from  around the world that already know the benefits of this supplement.

Thank you very much Mr. Jim Humble for this wonderfil gift you has given to humankind!!!!

thanks for reading this testimony

kind regards,

Idaly Giraldo

Idaly Giraldo

mms latinoamerica info

PROSTATE CANCER [Posted : 12-24-2012]



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