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WTF [Posted : 07-10-2014]

Really pissed off that I got $40 shipping and handling charge for two bottles of liver cleanse that weigh less than a pound. I contacted PAYPAL and they said the product ships out of Africa????? Will be the last order of anything related to Jim Humbles Vision. I obviously need mine checked to see the ridiculously high shipping cost which is just an obvious price mark up scam.

Systenic Recurring Impetigo [Posted : 07-01-2014]

I got scratched by an infected child while administering therapy. The child broke my skin on my forearms, and thus began a two recurring battle with impetigo. I tried oral antibiotics, antibiotic creams (prescription), oregano oil, cell food drops, bleach, lavender oil, tea tree oil, an electronic gizmo that altered your ph on the wrist, and naturopathic remedies (undas and other homeopathic remedies by a naturopath. The latter helped to a great extent but did not render me clear permanently. Whenever my immune system dipped (ran too hard, didn't sleep well, travelled and got too tired) my impetigo would flare up. Finally I came across MMS on a website, bought some, and began the old protocol of 4 drops twice a day. I don't know exactly when my bloodstream began to be clear of the staph, but at some point 4-6 weeks, I permanently got rid of this pathogen in my system. It's been over a year now with no recurring infections. I am so very happy to have my life back. After spending over a thousand bucks on naturopathy, I later discovered my naturopath did indeed sell MMS but didn't think to use it with me!
Pat Lee

MMS [Posted : 06-27-2014]


Great Disappointment [Posted : 06-27-2014]

This is not a combative letter!  I believe MMS works cause it's helped many of my friends and family.  It just hasn't worked for me.
I have Hep-c geno type 3.  I contracted the virus through interveinious heroin use.  Thanks to God I'm still alive and free from addiction for a year now.  According to several GI doctors my body is not fighting the virus and I have 15-20 years left to live, I'm 33.  
I started MMS two months ago, this is what I did.
Within the first two weeks I was taking 15ml doses six to eight times a day, no adverse effects.  I've remained on this for two months now.  After my recent blood test I think I'm going to quite MMS and start interferon.  Here are the results of my latest test.

WBC. 3.4-LOW

These are near the same results as I had One year ago, ( the PLT is even a little lower).  I don't know what I'm doing wrong?  From what I've read and heard, with my regular high dosage, I should have been rid of the virus or at least seen improvement.  For these reasons I've listed I have to remain skeptical in regards to MMS treating Hepatitis-C!
If anyone has suggestions for me I'm open and willing to try anything, I'd like to see my children grow up!
Thanks, Trevin
trevin schmunk

NO RESPONSE [Posted : 06-27-2014]

What is this  ???  trying to get two protocol books, and Clara, the lady ignored  my request.

So, I need  the information. I live in Costa Rica
Andrea Flores

staph infection in my poodle [Posted : 06-22-2014]

Hi there.  My poodle/bichon cross was having this repeat infection on his stomach that would very quickly overwhelm his system and turn into big crusty matted lumps.  Twice the vet gave him antibiotics which worked okay but the infection was back almost immediately the dose was finished.  I used 6 drops mms 6 drops 50% citric acid and 1/4 cup water and bathed the sores three times in one day,  The sores had improved a little but on the second day I used 10 drops of dmso with the protocol and by day three they were considerably reduced.  It took another five days of wiping with the solution twice a day and they were completely gone.  THANK YOU JIM.... I WAS TIRED OF EATING BAKED BEANS TO AFFORD THE VET BILLS!  A BIG WAGGING TAIL AND LOVING EYES SAYS THANKS TOO.

Works on skin cancer [Posted : 06-21-2014]

I've been applying the MMS directly on my occasional  small (less than 1 inch dia). skin cancer tumors of the basil or Kerotosis  type and it kills the cancer cells and the tumors slowly disappear in about a week or two. Using Noxema to help clear away the dead cells helps for faster healing. It has not stopped them from forming but I can get rid of them as they pop up. Have not taken internally. I have killed about 20 tumors so far. If I did not have this, I would be covered with crusty skin cancer spots.
It also works on warts. Takes while but it does work.
jeff sonders

my progress 2 [Posted : 06-07-2014]

this is my day 6. my allergy symptoms are 90 % gone!! i have already tried eating things that i am allergic to and barely got any reaction. 
my headache that i experienced in the begining of taking mms is gone as i read i have to drink more water during mms 2.
one thing i am a bit concerened about is that i started getting pimples on my face and its getting more every day. today, when i tried to wipe the pimple with mms 1, one of my pimple broke and so the blood started going out of it. the blood didnt stop for about 5 min. this was very rare as usually the blood doesnt go on that long. any way, i asked some body and researched regarding my pimples and recieved some information saying that it's part of the cleanese. 
hopefully thats true,
God Bless,


my progress 1 [Posted : 06-04-2014]

Hi Dear Jim Humble,
this is my day three on mms 2. i am having mms mostly for my chronic allergies and temporal acne.
i was very sceptic at first. it took me months to really intake this orally.
On day 1 of having mms my allergies still continued. on day 2 i had no allergic symptoms at all. now its day three and it continues the same way.
i want to add that i did not recieve any side effects except a bit of bloating and gaz. 
i will keep posting my progress on this website.

I want to add a note that i am taking probiotics while having mms as i read somewhere that it might effect healthy bacteria. What do you think Jim Humble? also, should i be taking mms for 3 weeks even if my symptoms of allergy are fully gone?

LBB [Posted : 06-02-2014]

I started taking MMS in Feb 2014.  Bought it from exclusivewellnessclub.  After research they have bottles with flip up lids that are easy to open and drop out of without having to use a syringe.  I bought set of 5 ( 4 oz bottles)($125)- 28% Sodium Cholorite Formula and 50% Citric Acid Activator.  Using 1 drop/1 drop of each. Got it left on trip but had not used it as yet.  Ended up getting food poisoning.  Bloating, pain in chest all the way through to back.  Hurt so bad could not get comfortable or go to sleep.  Had food poisoning before this is how it starts.  Went to car got MMS and champaigne glass glass (easier to mix in because inside of glass goes down to a point) activated 6/6 drops, added distilled water then a little apple juice (no vitamin c or antioxidants in it) and I drank.  Also activated 20/20 drops and put in tub of hot water. Soaked in tub, head, face everything soaked good for 30 min.  Food poisoning gone in 30 minutes.  No pain or discomfort left at all, was able to sleep and go to work in morning.  Kept taking MMS 6/6 protocol and soaking a couple of times per week in mixture for other problems I wanted to rid of.  After about 2 weeks noticed that a  nickel size brown spot on side of face peeled off like sunburn and went away and also noticed that a small lump on side of nose that had been there for 3 years had disappeared (no insurance so did not get it checked).  My guess is that brown spot I thought was an age spot that kept getting bigger and darker was actually a sun cancer from looking at how this stuff works that is how it works on skin cancer it just peels off like sunburn.  Not sure about lump but glad it is gone.  Since also got rid of flu in couple of days when it took toll on my daughter for 3 weeks.  Brain fog disappeared, arthritis not gone yet but better.  Cancer runs in family, family members have died or been maimed by chemo and radiation (which I might add is FDA approved--what does that say for their approval for medicine, rather take my chances with MMS.   On second batch of 5 sets I just bought, as I gave sets away to friends who had good results.  Keep up good work.  Thank you!


Immune Mediated Haemalitic Anaemia [Posted : 05-30-2014]

We have a little dog who weighs 4 kg and is a toy poodle/maltese cross.  After we bought her we never gave her worming paste or immunisation but looked after all that ourselves.  When she was one year old she had a fit and we took her to the vet who after blood tests said she had Immune Mediated Haemolytic Anaemia and probably would not live for another two weeks . He wormed her and suggested cortisone.  When we asked what the cortisone would do he said that it would suppresse the immune system.  We said we would not give her the cortisone and decided to go home and give her MMS.  The vet made an appointment for two weeks and also gave us his home number in case we needed to call him.  We gave her 1 drop of MMS and 5 drops of citric acid twice a day with an eye dropper.  We could see her getting better every day.  When we went back in two weeks she bounded in and the vet said that this was not a sick dog.  He took more blood tests and said that everything was renewing (not sure of this as we didn't understand what he meant).  When he asked what we did we told him about MMS, his reply - he had heard about it and didn't think it would work and that it must have been the worming.  Really!!  Really!!  Let's worm all the patients in hospital with aplastic anaemia?? She is now 7 years old and has never had any problems since.  Thank you, Jim. 
Ruth Barker

Hepatitis B [Posted : 05-30-2014]

My son got very sick with Hepatitis B and when he went to the doctor was told he would have to be seen by hospital, he would never get rid of it and he would have it for the rest of his life.  I put him straight away on CDS and within a couple of days he was feeling a lot better.  He had to go for blood tests every week and after a few weeks the doctor said he was "cured."  The hospital never contacted him at all. 
Ruth Barker

Gall Bladder [Posted : 05-30-2014]

My son (24) was admitted to hospital with a blocked bile duct and Gall Stones.  He was in a lot of pain and could not eat as he brought it all back up.  The doctors wanted to take his Gall Bladder out but he refused because it is there for a purpose.  He was in hospital for 10 days because the doctors did not appear to want to take the blockage out without the Gall Bladder.  He was also very jaundiced.  I stayed with him the whole time because I was giving him MMS every hour (1 drop MMS and 5 drops citric acid).  I was careful not to let them see what I was doing.  They took blood tests every day and on the ninth day they said he had pancreatitis (life threatening) and they would be operating in the morning.  That afternoon he passed the blockage and started to feel a lot better.  In the morning when they took a blood test everything was dropping to normal.  They still went in to remove blockage but it had gone.  Instead they put a stent in to help drain all the rubbish that was still left behind.  When he went back in three months the Gall Stones had disappeared too.  He has not had any more problems with his Gall Bladder. 
Ruth Barker

Spider Bite Staph Infection [Posted : 05-27-2014]


I wanted to share our experience with MMS. While living in the Yucatan, my girlfriend was bitten by a spider in 3 locations on her body one night in her sleep. She had normal swelling and itching similar to an insect bite, but the bite locations formed a head similar to a pimple, and would not go away. My girlfriend started feeling worse and worse each day, and then complained of muscle pain, and weakness. She started to develop hives on her body globally and was experiencing much pain. I took her to a local clinic but they only treated teh symptoms and gave her pain killers, and an injection of anti-histimines to help with the hives. During this phase, we believe the Staph infection was able to gain hold and begin spreading in her body. After 3 days of worsening conditions, I took her to a general hospital in a town about 1.5 hours away from our home. They ran some blood tests and her white cell count was 50,000 or 5 times the normal levels indicating a massive infection. After about a week of testing, they finally put her on antiboitics via an IV.They seemed to have little effect. I was searching and talking to people when I discovered MMS. I was able to get some in the local town, and smuggled it into the hospital. I began administering protocal 1000 to her and she started to recover. She was in hospital for 3 weeks. and our doctors confided in us that they could not believe she had recovered as quickly as she did and how fast her white blood cells returned to normal levels. She experienced NO DIAHREA or stomach pain with the MMS. Thank you Jim, and the rest of the team that is making this information and remedy availble. I read about the Daniel Smith story, the FDA thug tactics, confiscations, seizures, and it makes my bllod boil. The allopahic medicine solution is NOT the only way, and we are blessed to have found MMS. We tell everyone who will listen and we encourage you to do the same. Peace and love, teo and Val in Mexico.

Eye Infection [Posted : 05-21-2014]

Dear Jim,
My grandson became ill with a fever and I noticed the inside of his eye was infected; also at the inside base of his nose. He had a large red and white pimple in both areas; I guess it could have been stys too. Anyway, I made a twenty drop solution and took a cotton ball and placed in on both areas for 20 minutes. I did this three times before he went to bed. The next day it was gone. MMS works!

In another instance my grandson had a planters wart on the bottom of his foot. The doctor tried to freeze it but it didn't work. I was told he would have it for a very long time and the treatment was not gauranteed. They told me that it had rooted deep and that was that. So, I decided to make a 20 drop solution and spray the bottom of his foot every night before his went to bed. I don't remember how long it took maybe a couple of weeks but the planters wart is gone, there is no sign that it ever existed, not even a scar!

buena experiencia [Posted : 05-20-2014]

Buenos dias, soy Victoria de Barcelona (spain) hace un año atropellaron a mi perra pastora alemana , le hicieron una mala operación de una pata, que generó destrucción de rodilla y cojeo . También generó una fístula que no se cerraba hacia un año. Me dijeron que le cortara la pata o la sacrificara.
, la fístula cerró. La perra está apoyando la pata , corriendo como una loca y super feliz, ha engordado y si no fuera porque la rodilla no la podrá doblar nunca, la he salvado.

Yo tuve 3 infecciones de orina seguidas. Médico, antibiótico y a las 3 semanas lo mismo. La tercera vez , dije que no tomaba mas antibióticos. 48h de mms y nunca más!!!


Conjunctivitis [Posted : 05-15-2014]

My son, 2.5 years old got infected with conjunctivitis in his nursery. The infection was gone after two days treatment with MMS. I mixed 2 drops of active MMS with about 30ml of water. First, I tried on me to see if there is any burning. It was ok for me, just a bit of light burning but I added an additional 15-20ml of water and the feel after that was like from eye drops. With this solution we did 4 days treatment, one drop, per eye, morning, afternoon, and evening. On the second day the conjunctivitis was gone. We continue 2 more days just to make sure is fully gone. In a month my other son, 10 years old,  got also an eye infection, we even didn't go to check what it was. We treated it with the same MMS solution and in 24 hours his eyes were back to normal.

Also, we have treated a few times flu, and one time herpes with success.
Hope it helps.
Thanks Jim.



Infection of Ear Piercing [Posted : 05-15-2014]

Ear-Piercing Infection on outside Ear Helix
Infecciòn de un Piercing en la Oreja en la Helix

Before / Antes

556530 10153251769595613 1408962776 n

-After two days using topical activated MMS (20 drops)

-Despues de dos dias de aplicar MMS activado topical (20 gotas)

599311 10153255363990613 660214705 n

Tobias on Steve Lodge Gonzalez
Jan. 2014

Herpes simplex - Labialis gone in 3 days [Posted : 05-15-2014]

Herpes simplex - Labialis gone in 3 days

"It was requested by the Mother of my Daughter to come and assists with her healing of Herpes simplex (lips).
It had become uncontrolable and was spreading around the mouth area.
Approximatly half of the mouth was covered in large unsightly scabs, alive and tingling.
I set to work with MMS, i made a Solution at the advised 1:5 ratio of 3:15 drops mixed with water in a tea-cup.
My daughter, very maturly applied this to the area every half hour as requested.
She also took one drop to five mixed with water internaly (drinking).
The results were obvious within twelve hours.
The moist tingling of herpes had reduced and the drying-out process had began.

At 24 Hours, the tingling had reduced to 20%. The continued healing was obvious.

At 48 Hours, the vague rememberance of this irritating out of control “virus” merely lingered and the scabs had dried up and fallen away.

At 72 Hours the Problem was solved and Herpes completely gone!

Continued one drop-to-five maintanance Dose for seven days, as immune system booster."

Tobias Laube on Gregory Paul Whaling

Weed Poisoning [Posted : 05-15-2014]


"I was quite run down and after an afternoon of weeding I noticed my tongue had started to swell and blister. By that night it had doubled in size and I was unable to speak. I guessed that it may have been caused by a poisonous weed, so I reached for my supply of AMS which I always keep close to hand and swished my mouth out with 10 drops for 5 minutes. I noticed some relief before going to sleep and by morning it was mostly gone. I carried on swishing my mouth with AMS for the next few days until all the blistering had completely gone. i am not sure if anything else short of a pharmaceutical drug would have had such a dramatic effect in reducing my symptoms, but of course with AMS there is no detrimental side effects."

Tobias Laube on Matthew Armstrong
April 2014

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