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MMS2 vs Pneumonia  [Posted : 03-24-2014]

I have just overcome the strongest(by far) chest infection i have ever experienced. As a constant heavy smoker since age of 15, i am now 38, i have experienced bronchitis at least once every 3 years which i would normally take AB'S for or even stuck it out with no medical help. This Friday i came down once again with a chest infection, almost instantly this illness seemed far more powerful than any other i had previously experienced. So started to research online just what it was i had. I never went to doctor as i had hope in my own immune system and knew if i needed i could try MMS1 or MMS2. After extensive research i diagnosed myself with 'Pneumonia'. I started off with 4 MMS2 capsules aday it definitely took the edge off my infection. By day i was still clearly unwell so i changed to 8 MMS2 aday. I now feel upto 50% better. Pneumonia can last weeks with some people while AB'S or vaccinations not even working. I hope to be 100% within 5 /6 days of the MMS2. Many thanks to Jim for sharing his knowledge with us for a very fair price, forget about antibiotics give MMS ago. Once again unable to thank Jim Humble enough, trust this man. J.ludlow
James Ludlow

heart valve [Posted : 03-20-2014]

I have had mitral valve prolapse since I was born.  I had surgery 10 years ago and it was improved 90%, but there was still a little hesitation in the valve.

A year ago I attended the Puerto Vallarta MMS class.  The first day we started drinking MMS1,  I noticed a fluttering of my heart, I was a bit concerned, not alarmed.  Andreas Klacker said that the MMS had found the imperfection and was repairing the situation, the fluttering would stop, not to worry.  It did stop fluttering, i continued to drink the MMS daily for a week and then I took one MMS2 capsule once or twice a week since then (a year).

Well...today I went in for an ultrasound of my heart and the nurse told me I don't have a proplapse anymore.  She had no explaination, I watched the imaging and I also could see that the valve just opens and closes nicely, no hesitation at all.

My gosh, I wonder if I would have had to have heart surgery years ago if I had found MMS!


Aspen, Colorado


liver cyst [Posted : 03-20-2014]

I was diagnosed with a cyst in my liver when I was getting a ultrasound for my heart.  He told me not to worry about it, "death rate from liver cysts is non-existant".  However, my insurance premiums doubled, so I had it drained at the hospital, and the next day it regrew.  That was about 40 years ago, since then i get a ultrasound every year, and the size of the cyst grows.  A year ago it was 5 inches across, it appeared on the image as a large black hole.  This cyst caused me pain about once a week, a sharp pain like someone stabbed me with a knife.

I've been taking MMS for a year now, at first I took MMS1 everyday for a week, then I took one MMS2 capsule once or twice a week.  I wasn't taking it for the cyst, just for maintenance.  But I noticed that my cyst quit hurting me,  it has hurt me twice in the year I've been taking MMS, so I was anxious to get the ultrasound.

The nurse told me it is going away, she pointed to the cyst, and now it appears as a cloud, not a black hole, filled with swirls of white, and it is less than half the size it was.  She said "at this rate - it will be totally gone by next year"

Words cannot say enough thanks, as I have many more experiences to report.


Guardia [Posted : 03-05-2014]

I've had guardia about 6 times, always away from home.  You know it's guardia  because of the horrible smell of your gas and the light colored frothy loose stools.  It's caused from drinking or eatting something that has feces in it.

Well, one MMS2 capsule and it was gone.

Doctors give you metronazole and you must take it for a week.


Deodorant [Posted : 02-18-2014]

I had been looking for a deodorant without an antiperspirant that actually worked for a few years. After showering if I scratched my under arm there was still odor there unless I spent a very long time scrubbing. The regular deodorants just put a coating on the skin to block the bacteria and keep it deep in the skin. Using MMS simply kills the bacteria. Underarm sweat may have a very light manly smell but it does NOT smell like the BO that grows there when using commercial deodorants.

MMS 2???? [Posted : 01-04-2014]

I see very little on MMS 2, why is that? Jim once told me the MMS 2 is just as effective as the MMS 1 and yet there's not much information available on MMS 2.

I have used Calcium Hypochlorite internally to help cure Diabetes 3 times as far as I know, heal Cancer, for general detoxification while raising ones immune system, kill Parasites and I have been having great success using it externally to close large Ulcers, heal Acne (it literally reforms the skin and closes the holes created by Acne), kill stubborn Fungus and I swear by it!



Joshua Jenkins [Posted : 11-28-2013]

I have had multiple health problems and they are all finally clearing up due to the MMS. I had a 27-year-old

leg ulcer which was several inches long and is now gone. It took 1 month to clear up. 27 years of agony are

finally out the window. My sinuses are finally clear so I no longer cough until I vomit. My arthritis is MUCH

better. Fungus on my feet is gone. My gums no longer hurt. My vision is actually improving so that I am able

to drive again. This product is incredible. Even the neuropathy in my feet is less painful. I had been taking up to

22 pills 3 times a day for all my health issues. Now I just take supplements. GOD BLESS YOU JIM HUMBLE!!!!!

Joshua Jenkins

Appendicitis [Posted : 11-13-2013]

My seven year old daughter had a 104 degree fever, abdominal pain, could not eat, and could not walk.  The pain was on he right side of her navel.  We knew the signs of appendicitis, as she has an older brother who had had the same symtoms, and we took him to the hospital, where they removed his appendix.  We decided to give her one drop doses of activated MMS, three times a day.  She threw up after the first dose, but I could tell that she felt a little better.  Her fever gradually started coming down, and by the third day, she was out of bed walking and eating again.  Two drop doses, probably would have worked better, but she hates the taste of activated MMS.

I thank God for Jim Humble's work, and I thank you Jim Humble for doing the righ thing to help your fellow man.


Various Testimonies [Posted : 10-24-2013]

Dear Jim
I had two difficult cases, one of a Multi Drug Resistant S. Typhi and a chronic case (7 years) of Psoriasis.  After breaking of bio-film of S.Typhi I was waiting to see results of my second case. He has completed two months with MMS (I) and MMS (II) with MMS (II) bath. I have given him supplements of vitamins too. First month he showed Herks reaction of flaring up of psoriasis. So we continued with a smaller dosage. 2:2 MMS (I) and quarter capsule of MMS (II) alternately for 8 hours. Last month we added MMS (II) Bath also.
Yesterday I got a call that his Psoriasis is showing improvement. Fantastic!!!!.... I am encouraged and got added with more confidence to motivate my patients to keep taking MMS till they get the result. It has happened because you and Mark have attended to my emails and replied promptly. God has revealed this knowledge to you to heal people and break the evil nexus of our medical and Pharma companies. Dr. Kelcher is suffering for approving the good health campaigners. What a pity. Although I am unable support financially at this moment of time to help him fight the case, I can definitely write about all those people who are the beneficiaries of MMS.
I have collection of experiences from all my patients. I plan to compile all these testimonies for the benefit of many who really want to live healthy life. My family members vouch for the healing they have received. We believe that MMS + SMS to God = Healing. MMS Kills and cleans the pathogens, allergens and boosts immunity, SMS to God reduces stress hormones thus our body turns on the switch of healing.
1. Mrs. K. Jacob age 77 years. – 2006 to 2011 – Suffered with indigestion. Lost weight and thought that she would die of hunger. Could not feel taste, always weak. Started MMS in 2011 and within first week she felt difference and now she is completely healed. Regained energy. She works in the field full energy. She eats food like any young person. She uses MMS for any kinds of injury or insect bites. Last week she got up with a swollen palm (dorsal side, between her thumb and index finger on left hand) Washed it for five minutes with 6:6 drops in half cup of water. Her itching and irritation was reduced immediately and swelling was gone by afternoon. Amazing!!! She sends her blessings to you all. She is my mother.
2. Mr. Ian Vincent age 51 years: in 2011 suffered with sever chest infection. Antibiotics were ineffective even though he took it sincerely for two months. His cough was so sever that he would end up with a spasm and becomes breathless. Started MMS and got completely cured in a week. Now his entire family use only MMS for any kinds of sickness.
3. Mrs. Sheela Vincent, age 51 years: Suffering from allergy, since past 15 years. Running nose, red eyes, watering eyes & sneezing etc. Had become dependent on medications. Started MMS in 2011, she used it every time she had the attack and now she is free of all symptoms. For past three years she has used only MMS to treat every member of her family.
4. Mrs. Suja Daniel Christodoss, age 49 years: Living in Huston USA, Suffered with seasonal Allergy every year. Had severe pre menopausal symptoms, joint pain, irritability and overall feeling unwell. She started it in 2011. Purchased MMS online. Now she is free from all the symptoms and her entire family depends on MMS. Last week her 18 y old daughter had fever 103 F. and 3:3 hourly dose for eight hours had cured her completely. Now USA has a co- payment of $70/- with their health insurance, they have decided to use pomegranate juice to drink MMS instead of going for a health check up and treatment, which costs only $10.
5. Mrs. Sunita Nemani: Has diabetes, Thyroid problem and due to complications of insulin dependent diabetes, her liver function became abnormal. She came to me in 2011, with a last hope. She was willing to try anything because she was just 46 at that time and she had the desire to live for her two teenage daughters. She caught frequent UTI. Traveling was a nightmare for her. Doctors told her that her liver disease can not be treated anymore and she may have a few months or a few years to live.
She was very sincere in taking MMS. Her liver function has become completely normal. UTI is the history now. She still has her dependency on insulin and still suffering with gastric ulcer. She is not taking MMS for past eight months. I have encouraged  her to start it again as single dose 6:6 formula.
6. Mr. Nemani: Sunita’s husband. Suffered with hiccoughs for past 11 years. Once it starts then it would last for many days. Doctors got fed up of treating him and gave up after conducting a gastroscopy. Sunita motivated him to take MMS in 2012. Single dose of MMS stopped his hiccoughs and it has not returned back till date.   
7. Mr. Jitendra Pawar: Jim instructor. Took MMS for his mother who had knee replacement and waited for the second surgery for other knee. She was given 6:6 single dose in the nights. She got complete cure from arthritis. Also reported of getting rid of her long standing pea nut allergy. Her grandson also got rid of peanut allergy now.
8. My all HIV patients are free from secondary infections.
9. Mr. Ruben, age 37 years: He and his daughter are allergic to fish and eggs. They are taking MMS and enjoying fish and eggs.
10. Dr. Mrs. Akolkar: Had arthritis. She got free of her problem. A strange thing about this doctor is that, in spite of having her own experience of getting rid of pain she demotivates others from taking MMS. She is not willing to understand the science behind MMS. She has seen her own grandson getting rid of his long standing cough. MMS has created a family tiff here :) ...... her son still takes it whenever he is sick....
11. Mr. Sachin: Had amoebic dysentery and got fed up of all kinds of treatment. He took MMS in 2011. Got rid of amoeba but stopped MMS because small boils were erupting all over his body. I advised him to fall back in the drops and continue it. But he gave up due to this Dr. Akolkar who made him scared.... well that’s his decision. I wish he would continue it and get rid of all toxins from his body....
sometimes this too happens.
Many more people have taken MMS from me and got rid of various problems. My son had sever acidity and always had Gel gelucil 1 lit. can next to his bed. Since 2011 he has not purchased any medicine and he also gets rid of cold cough and other infections with MMS. I had washed his wounds with MMS after he met with an accident.  My daughter also takes only MMS for any infection she catches....
I had three cancer patients. One was in the last stage intestinal cancer, could not drink MMS and finally he died last year. Other two cases took medicine but do not drink it. Our modern allopathic medicine discourage them so much that they do not believe in anyone who tell them about a cure....   
We need hospitals or doctors only for accidents, Maternity and Dental repairs, I tell people.... All others can be taken care by MMS. I hope this mail will be of some use for Dr. Kelcher’s case....
I have shifted myself from Pune city to a remote village in India, with a mission to treat people here with MMS. My villagers are ripped off by the modern hospitals and medicines, hope that all those who are getting cured will spread the message. Mr. Mahesh who had MDR Typhoid will be great testimony ....
With Warm Regards
Susan Raj
B.Sc. Nurse & M.S.W. (Medical & Psychiatry)
+91 9371007716
Susan Raj

Mr  [Posted : 08-21-2013]

At the age of 65 I had all the symptoms of full blown heart disease.                                                                   I had heard that MMS would clear out my arterial plaque and remove cholesterol build up from my heart so I went on the pathogen cleanse. The article said that it would take about 3 weeks.

I stuck to the regime strictly with a minimum of 8 doses of MMS per day, starting on one drop per hour and after a short time I noticed slight heart palpertations from time to time. 

I increased the doseage gradually, taking note of how it affected me and at times I had to reduce the dosage, going back half a drop. After a couple of weeks I noticed that my energy levels seemed to be increasing and that there was an increase in my overall wellbeing.

It took over 7 weeks before I could take 3 drops per hour without any side effects and by that time I knew that my system had been flushed out resulting in a new feeling of health and vigor. That was 9 months ago and I still feel as healthy as when I was in my 20's. This has definately added many healthy years to my life and I recommend the treatment to anyone who has any symptoms of arterial plaque or heart problems

Kel Blackman

Alzheimers [Posted : 07-25-2013]

After my mother was diognosed with Alzheimers she hated the effects of the pill so much that she was willing to try MMS. Her symptoms disapeared almost over night the next morning after only drinking 6 drops 3 times she told me the story of how she met my father some 60 years before which was impossable the day before. She continued taking it for a week and then felt so good she stopped taking it within 1 month the symptoms returned after taking MMS again the symptoms went away again. she had to take a daily maintanence dose to keep it at bay.

Thank you Jim Humble you are my Hero,

  Keith Pace

Keith Pace

Free of Asthma [Posted : 07-11-2013]

I have a friend, now in her 40's, who in highschool always had bad bronchitis. She and I went separate ways for many years and in the last 3 years we began talking again.  Turned out she had been suffering from asthma (puffer 8 times an hour), chronic back pain, extreme fatigue, and sinusitis.  I explained MMS to her and left it in her hands to take action. 3 months passed. In speaking with her again, her asthma had progressed to the strongest medication and medical dr's said the next step was an oxygen tank. I asked what was holding her back from trying MMS. A chemist "friend" told her it was a form of bleach and to stay away from it. I almost fell off my chair!  Staying calm I re-explained MMS and once again left it to her and prayed for her life.  Two weeks later she called and said she had received an order of MMS and could I help her.  On the phone with her I walked her through taking 1 drop of activated MMS in a glass of water.  She felt slightly nauseated but ok. I encouraged her to take 1 drop every hour and I would check with her later. Three hours later I talked with her again.  She was very excited to report she hadn't used her puffer more than once an hour and her ability to taste was returning.  The next day I called again to find out she had been raking leaves for 2 hours, cleaned the main floor of her house, and could jog the stairs without being out of breath!  She continued the 1 drop an hour for a few days and increased to 2 and 3 drops gradually.  She is now on maintenance and tells everyone I saved her life.  She no longer uses a puffer, can smell and taste everything, and can participate in her 3 sons life once again.  Thank you, Jim for sharing the information about MMS and saving my friends' life.

Stefanie B

The most powerful healing power [Posted : 07-10-2013]

I have been taking around 100 drops per day for a week. I have lost about 10 pounds.  My brain constantly opens up. I just feel it. I can't wait one more month. Just one week changed so much. When I lost 10 pounds I lost energy but when I took iodine, energy came back.If I eat something sweet, it seems to cause aches overall. So I tried to eat more protein and my skin looks and feels amazing. Sometimes it is difficult to digest food, then I eat something really sour and it setttles down quite a bit.  Another thing that I do is I evacuate the toxin constantly with simple enema. I feel miserable when those things accumulated even more than 2 hours.. I guess I am maintaining happy cleansing because I take care of this matter.

When I take 30 drops at once I don't feel so great, but if I am inside of bathtub doing bleach bath with tannic acid, I feel great. I think I may try 50 drops if I am inside of the bathtub. The skin's ability to detox is much greater than I thought. So use your skin too if you feel sick only doing oral 


COPD, ADHD, PTSD, gone!!! [Posted : 06-29-2013]

14 months ago i watched my friend with lung cancer take a certain substance and begin walking again, his lung lesions are disappearing. His liver (he also HAD Hep C) is regenerating and his doctors are thinking of taking him off of the transplant list...but this is another story within itself...I immediately asked him what it was that he took, because my friends mother had just been diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer. I decided that before i would treat another person with anything, I would have to take a high dosage to determine if the treatment i recommend IS HUMAN SAFE. I did just that...and I ended up removing 39 years of mental anguish and torture!!! AND a lifetime of lung and sinus problems that were about to kill me!!! The substance that my friend used? Why, it was called MMS.

My name is Sara Sturz. From the time i was nine years old i was "strange" the degree to which my mother started taking me to see a childhood psychologist. I saw a psychologist every week from nine years of age until I was in college! (I just remembered this two days ago.) Although I dealt with ADHD, PTSD, and chronic depression, on a daily basis,  these symptoms had yet to be diagnosed. My mental illness was getting worse and by the time i was 26, I was drinking heavily and in 1995, i saw my first PSYCHIATRIST and was given my first MEDS. In 1996 for no apparent reason I snapped completely. (I now know that it is mercury poisoning) My "breakdown" followed a huge round of dental work done with Silver Amalgam (mercury) fillings. I know now that I had reached my toxicity limit. My brain started deteriorating rapidly. In April of 2012, I had thought I had begun to hear voices. I could not complete my thoughts let alone sentences, I was incontinent. I had a constant raking cough that was so consistant and strong it would throw my back out. I had constant congestion and runny nose. Sinus and lung infections abounded. It almost felt that I was drowning. ALL OF THE FORMENTIONED CONDITIONS ARE GONE!!! I am realizing that although MMS cleared out all of the fluke and heavy metal in my body, it cannot undo all of the mercury damage. I am finding that my body still is not producing enough Seratonin to alleviate my depression. I am using suppliments to try to get my seratonin to kick in.

 Seven years ago I curbed my Alcoholism. This magnified the true symptoms of my mental illness, in fact, it wasn't until i quit drinking that I was then diagnosed with ADHD. To make a long story shorter, I was poisoned by my dental work from the time that I was 9 years old with the very first filling. MERCURY fillings. COPD is also linked to dental amalgam vapors. Until May 4th of 2012, I was diagnosed with beginning stages of COPD. I had an inch of white in the bottom of each lung on my xrays that disappeared AFTER I TOOK THE MMS PROTOCOL.

MMS saved my life!!!

sara sturz

Venous Leg Ulcer [Posted : 05-10-2013]

My friend has been battling on and off for several years venous leg ulcers. Several years ago, he had surgery to strip the veins, however just recently has had yet another ulcer that covers the bottom of the left leg, and has to be wrapped  daily to create compression. Before i bought MMS the first time two weeks ago, i was making a paste out of tumeric and covering the ulcers before compression wrapping. It helped a little, but my friend works on his feet over 10 hrs each day, so it was getting really bad. 4 days ago i started my friend on 1 drop which he had diarreah, actually, i haven't been able to get him going on the 1000 protocol yet because of the diarreah, but he takes a drop every few hours and is steadily able to do more. BUT oh my!!! The ulcer and his overall leg appearence has improved already 80 percent!!! in only four days we both are so excited. He says it feels better on the inside as well, like he could not even need the compression any more, but we will continue with the drops until he can do the 1000 protocol for 3 weeks, and to be safe we will keep compression on it as well. Thank you! As we continue to add more mms i will keep you informed of the progress. Much Love!

Elizabeth Britton

elizabeth britton

Garry [Posted : 04-17-2013]

i just had to write about a siimple problem I had to making my kids lunches with sliced meat, mainly ham that gets that bacterial slime within a couple of days even when refrigerated, correctly and had taken to washing the individual slices under fresh water before making their lunches when I was a single divorced dad . and then along came that deteriorating seafood, smell esp from not so fresh prawns and found that by simply adding a couple of drops of MMS to a bowl of water with the prawns in before shelling and after shelling completely irradicates the smell and a quick flush after that and you have a great tasting, no smell prawn etc. just thought it would be good to share this as i will do the same with the ham if I detect the bacterial slime again. It all stops the potential of blood disease which cost me thru an undiagnosed problem my heart attack in 09.which required a new mitral valve and triple bypass to rectify and 9 days on oxygen before I awoke, feeling well and without asthma. Apart from being hospitalised in 1999 with blood poisoning from direct infection thru a cut in my elbow. I walked out of hos[pital some 8 days and over 30 drips later but now believe not only was my heart damaged with the 40.7C temp my body endured for so long but the treatment had not taken into account the festering problem of two badly decayed teeth from 'poor' prior dental work but in 09 it all came to a head and i have no doubt if I had been using MMS during the 1999-2009 period my blood would have remained cleansed and the costly dental work and open heart surgery may have been totally avoidable. so now taking maintenance doses of MMS I now not only feel great at 62yo but also feel that by maintaining the infection free status of my blood supply system with MMS will greatly improve my quality of life till JEsus comes and gives me a new imperishable body, soon. Thanks Jim.see you in heaven.

John Dixon [Posted : 03-07-2013]

I have had a planters wort on the bottom of my left foot, it receeded and came out along the side of my long toe. It had started to hurt, and I didnt know what it was. At one point I relized it was a pathongine of some sort. I then put pure MMS on it, I was very deeply suprised at the point, but the strangest thing happened immediately. I realized the pain was going right directly up my toe back to the original location of the wort. It was as if this pathogine was being killed right along its extension into my toe back to the root/source. It was as if something was living in my foot and didnt want to die, but did. Per my study of how Chlorine dixoide works at the celular level, I then realized that no pathogine can stay in a living state when C.D. is exposed to its surface. Having done this research myself prior to using it, I was actually suprised that science is stranger than fiction. It works very well at killing other things such as athletes foot.

John Dixon

Fibromialgia [Posted : 01-29-2013]


Mi mujer padeció de fibroiálgia, o fatiga crónica. Durante dos años pasamos un calvario, sobre todo ella, tanto en casa como en su trabajo, donde la enfermedad no le permitía rendir normalmente llegando a peligrar su puesto de trabajo. Esta enfermedad consiste en dolores en las extremidades y cansancio en general, de forma degenerativa, llegando a dejar a la persona casi como un vegetal.

Durante los dos años que duró no dejaba de ir a rehabilitación. Cuando acavaba, volvía a pedir ser admitida de nuevo, y así contínuamente, pues este recurso no eliminaba el problema. Esto convinado con medicación varia, como calmantes. Dado que no hay medicina específica, le recetaron Lyrica, un antiepiléptico, porque descubrieron que como efecto secundario anulaba el dolor. Y se lo quitaba, a costa de dejarla sedada. La tomó una sóla vez.

El MMS entró en nuestras vidas y yo las tomaba para la hepatits C, pero ella no. Cuando noté la energía que me daba tras unos días de tomarlo, convencí a mi mujer a base de insistencia de que lo tomara ella también, al menos para que notara la energía. Ella no confía en cosas que se salgan de lo tradicional, pero por no oírme más accedió a tomarlo.

Al noveno día los dolores desaparecieron. De esto hace ya 4 años. Estoy muy agradecido a Dios por Jim Humble, por descubrir cómo aplicar al cuerpo humano el dióxido de cloro.

Lo seguimos tomando para mantenimiento de la salud. Mi hepatitis no ha remitido, pero los análisis semestrales que me hago dan resultados estables, y hago vida normal.

Aconsejo el MMS a todo el mundo.

Jordi Barberá Zamora

MMS and CDS [Posted : 01-28-2013]


Ihave been making and using MMS, CDS, DMSO, Colloidal Silver, Dr Beck devices for some time. From which MMS has been tried and tested longest and in broad range of issues. I can confirm being very potent anti bacterial and viral compound.

It has been used to treat abscess tooth on several occasions and comletely cleared inflammation within 48hrs. No other medicatios has been used.

It has been effectively used agains blood poisoning.

It has been effectively used against flu and common cold.

It has been used as general antiseptic, mouthwash and air cleaner with excellent results.

No side effects have been observed from prolonged use over 3 years period.

In comparison to Colloidal Silver, MMS appears to be more potent and acting faster, even in weak solution.

There is clear advantage of using low but frequent doses vs stronger and irregular - as per Jim reccomendations.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us Jim.

Best Regards


Witold Pawlowski (Vtech)

child with bad infestation of worms [Posted : 01-01-2013]

We discovered one night while camping, after terrible agitation that our 3 year old granddaughter had worms. Looking back we realised that she'd had them for weeks with night times being the worst, she was having very disrupted sleep. She was grumpy, she was always tired, all these were so unlike her. She's always such a happy child normally. We mixed up one drop of mms and one drop of citric acid put that one drop on the area from front to back and in less than a minute she relaxed a feel asleep. We check a few moments later and all the worms were dead and all the eggs as well. She has slept like a baby since and cheered up to her normal self. Amazing!!!!!! Tha is One drop One time and worms DEAD. Much better and much saferthan worming tablets.

Catherine S

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