Recommended protocol for Tooth problem:

Tooth decay:
Brush teeth, gum line and tongue with 10 activated drops MMS per ounce water solution; activate 3 drops in a small glass or plastic container and place your mouth over the opening in such a way that none of the solution enters your mouth while you breathe through your nose. DO NOT INHALE FUMES. Just let the fumes into your mouth for 5 minutes and NO MORE.

Mouth, Gum, Teeth:

Tooth problem

Yvonne Cook [Posted : 04-29-2014]

Tooth abcess
I recently ended up with a throbbing tooth abcess preventing any hope of sleeping!   I took a 25 drop CDS / 10 drop DMSO dose and swished it around my mouth for a few minutes and then swallowing.;   I also rubbed a little DMSO on my aching jaw.   I repeated this hourly and by the third dose the pain had completely disappeared.   Within three days of continuing the dost about three times a day, the abcess was cleared and history!   Thanks Jim for your good stuff :)
Yvonne Cook

Mrs [Posted : 11-11-2013]

I have two pairs of crowns on my upper jaw (one on the left one on the right side)and about four months ago they became sensitive, having difficulty to chew or touch. My gums were swollen and red. Having used MMS before, I started taking the basic 1MMS to 5CA for the first week and increased gradually to 15 etc in the next five weeks. Well, by the second week I felt such a relieve,... and praised Jim for his generocity to human kind. The redness disappeared, my gums are strong and I feel great!

Periodontal Disease [Posted : 04-22-2013]

In January 2013 I had a piece of tooth fall out. I went in to see what happened and was told a filling fell out. Upon checking what else was going on, they told me I had to have deep root plaining done due to periodontal disease. I hadn't been to the dentist for several years so I figured it was pretty bad.

I started using MMS once a day when I cleaned my teeth in the morning. I used 8 drops of each solution with a bit of water. When I went back in this week, I was told I only needed a normal cleaning and that my gums were nicely pink and clinging properly to my teeth. No inflamation was found.

When I was in in January they took millimeter readings of the space between my teeth and the gums and they got readings up to 5mm. When she took the readings this week the readings were 3mm with one 4mm spot.

Needless to say, I was thrilled.



Mr. Fischer [Posted : 03-15-2013]

I had a painfull crown and it began to moove.  My Dentist give an appointment a week in advance. 

So I took 10 drops of MMS and 50 drops of activator in a half a glass of water 3 times a day.

The second day all the pain were gone.  The 5th day The Dentist removed the broken crown and did a Roth-canal.

Told me that no inflamation, no bacteria and all is in good shape.



P. Fischer

MMS taste solution [Posted : 11-20-2012]

I use MMS frequently as a mouth wash and infection fighter. I also use the MMS because it eliminates the plaque on your teeth. I don't mean some of the plaque! I mean all of the plack! It's like goning to the Dental office every day.

Your teeth will never be so clean. This also defers the taste. I will do this at night before bedtime and then do a six six protocol to help detoxify. Believe me you will be amazed at how this dilutes the MMS after taste.


Toothache from broken 4-face filling [Posted : 06-29-2012]

Toothache resulting from a broken 4-face filling which fell out of my upper, left bicusped. In addition, two walls of the tooth broke and I can't re-fill the tooth. Either pull it or get root canal and crown. Cannot afford that.

The first time my broken bicusped started to ache, I had a dentist xray it to locate problem. Found inflammation in root. Prescribed 10 day antibiotic dose, which killed my digestion. Two weeks after finishing that, the toothache returned. Now I resort to MMS because it was an infection. I didn't drink MMS, I only applied it topically to the root of the tooth. I mixed up 10 drops of MMS with 10 drops of 10% citric acid, waited 10 minutes and added to one ounce of water. This was my topical mix. I put 2 drops of this on a bit of cotton, added 2 drops of pure liquid DMSO (for increased penetration) and placed the cotton between cheek and gum at the root of my broken tooth. I also put a bit of the cotton inside the hollow tooth, because I could. The pain disappeared for 2 weeks before returning. I reapplied the MMS/DMSO and the pain again disappeared for 2 weeks. I have repeated this for 6 months. Sometimes, if the pain doesn't dissipate after one application, just do it again every 6-12 hours until the pain is gone. When I didn't have any MMS, I substituted Molecula Silver and it worked as well; but it is relatively expensive, but you don't use much.

Patrick Palmer

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